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About Estate Planning
What is an executor/executrix or personal representative?

An executor/executrix, also known as a personal representative in many states, is the person who is under the obligation to settle and distribute the estate of the decedent in a timely fashion in accordance with the laws of that particular state. The executor makes decisions that are consistent with the person's will.

What are the duties of the executor/executrix or personal representative?

The executor/executrix or personal representative takes control of all of the person's property, assets, real estate, and personal items for distribution to the people named in the will. The executor acts in a fiduciary capacity that means that they have a responsibility to the estate and its beneficiaries to be fair, honest, and responsible in carrying out his or her duties. The executor should be a trusted person such as a spouse, close relative, son, daughter, close friend, or attorney.

What is Probate?

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